Publication: Correspondence in The Lancet. Scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic

Ausschreibung: Else Kröner Clinician Scientist Professuren 2020

Ausschreibung: #Buildbackbetter Start-Up Innovation Challenge. Women, COVID19 & Digital Health

Job offer: LSHTM Research Fellow / Assistant Professor (m/w/d)

Publication: The Power of Data to Advance the SGDs- Mapping research for the Sustainable Development Goals

Publication: WHO Report- The impact of COVID-19 on mental, neurological and substance use services

Publication: Protecting essential health services in low-income and middle-imcome countries and humanitarian settings while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

Personelle Veränderungen in der Geschäftsstelle des GHHG

Globale Herausforderungen gemeinsam angehen - Bundesregierung beschließt globale Gesundheitsstrategie

Ausschreibung: GIZ-Förderprogramm Klinikpartnerschaften- Partner stärken Gesundheit

Publication: Symptoms of a broken system: the gender gaps in COVID-19 decision-making