Catalyst Dialogues: Working in small groups on specific tasks to advance global health

Besides the Hub Communities, which are organised and initiated by members themselves, the Hub is assembling small expert groups on politically relevant topics: the Catalyst Dialogues.

In the beginning of the year, the Steering Committee of the Global Health Hub Germany defines focus themes to which it invites experts from different stakeholder groups and sectors to contribute to. The themes selected for the year 2022 are “global health financing,”  “global health architecture” and “climate and health.” The precise questions of inquiry will be released at a later date.

Supported by the Hub, the Catalyst Dialogues will work in small groups in an outcome-oriented way on these questions and collectively produce outputs. The Hub Office will then communicate these recommendations into the political sphere, making sure that they impact political and societal decision-making. To do so, the Hub Office is continuously growing its strong political network.

The Catalyst Dialogues reflect the diversity of perspectives within the Hub. However, the number of their members will remain limited to ensure they can deliver concrete results within a few months. For this endeavour, the Global Health Hub cooperates with other institutions and networks such as Healthy DEvelopments.

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