Official Results of the Steering Committee Election

The official results of the Global Health Hub Germany Steering Committee election for the different stakeholder groups youth, science, business, civil society, international organizations, think tanks, foundations, and parliamentary stakeholder groups are determined.  

In each stakeholder group, the following female and male candidates received the highest number of votes and are thus elected to the steering committee of the GHHG:

  1. International organizations/ international experts

Dr. Stephanie Taché and Dr. Andreas Ullrich


  1. Youth:

Sophie Gepp and Paul-Philipp Schnase


  1. Parliament:

 Heike Baehrens, MdB and Dr. Georg Kippels, MdB


  1. Foundations:

Hans-Georg Höllerer and Caroline Schmutte


  1. Think Tanks:

Dr. Ole Döring and Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge


  1. Private Sector:

Roland Göhde and Pia Graß


  1. Science:

Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen and Dr. Kathrin Happe


  1. Civil Society:

Sid Peruvemba and Dr. Gisela Schneider


Congratulations to the elected representatives.

The new steering committee, being elected until the end of 2021, will officially replace the current interim steering committee.

The official turnout was 26%.

The GHHG office is available for any further inquiries.


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