Handwashing Thursday Series: Addressing Handwashing at a Systems Level

The Handwashing Thursday Series will amplify the launch of a new resource developed by the Global Handwashing Partnership: The Handwashing Handbook.

Organizer: Global Handwashing Partnership 


Description of the webinar series: 

The Handwashing Handbook serves as a go-to resource, presenting best practices and new concepts to improve the uptake of handwashing. This learning series will discuss various topics from the handbook and highlight the efforts of partners who contributed to the development of the handbook.


Session overview:

October 1: Making the Case for Handwashing

October 22: Designing and Implementing Handwashing Programs

November 5: Monitoring and Evaluating Handwashing Programs

November 19: Improving Handwashing in Specific Contexts

December 17: Addressing Handwashing at a Systems Level


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