Global Health Conference 2021 - Racism in Healthcare

The University of Saskatchewan is organizing a Global Health Conference on the issue of Racism in Healthcare. Join Day 2 and 3 on January 16th & January 23rd, 2021. 


Event description: 

Learn about how racism affects individuals, communities, and systems, and what we can do to improve our healthcare system.

Through keynote addresses and breakout sessions, we will discuss the effects of systemic racism in our healthcare system. This event is for healthcare workers, community organizations, students, and members of the community, as we are all affected by systemic racism, and all have a part to play in eradicating it from our institutions.

Each day will have two keynotes and attendees will choose one of three breakout room sessions. Closed captioning will be offered each day including one of the three breakout sessions as indicated.


To register for Day 2, please register here. 

To register for Day 3, please register here. 


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