What does the digital gender gap mean for healthcare?

As part of the "Gender and Digital Health Webinar Series", the United Nations University is organizing a webinar on "What does the digital gender gap mean for healthcare?" on January 28th, 2021. 


Organizer: United Nations University 


Event description: 

This episode will explore the digital gender gap and its implications for digital health solution design.

The Gender and Digital Health Webinar Series is a platform to foster new partnerships and co-create knowledge on the gendered dimensions of digital technologies for health, with a focus on translation of evidence to policy and practice-based learning in low and middle-income countries. The series is organised by a consortium between UNU IIGH, The University of Cape Town and BBC Media Action.


The webinar will address three themes:

1. Global digital gender gap in access

2. Digital access and use among low literate women in rural India

3. Digital gender gap in social media access and use and what the implications for health services.



Asha George, UWC



1. Diwakar Mohan , JHSPH

2. Amnesty LeFevre, UCT

3. Kerry Scott, JHSPH

4. Sara Chamberlain, BBC Media Action


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