In their Words: Stories from the outstanding Women Nurse & Midwife Leaders of 2020

To celebrate the launch of the stories website, Women in Global Health in collaboration with WHO & Nursing Now will hold a virtual event on the leadership journeys of nurses & midwifes in 2020 on February 10th, 2021. 


Organizer: Women in Global Health in collaboration with WHO & Nursing Now 


Event description: 

Women’s underrepresentation in health leadership means health systems lose the perspectives, knowledge, and expertise of the women who know those systems best. In turn, that limits the ability of health systems combatting COVID-19 to prevent and respond to the pandemic adequately and keep communities healthy. This lack of representation limits the ability of response committees to deliver for communities and those serving on the frontlines of the pandemic itself. When the talent, expertise, and experiences of women are excluded at the global, country-level and community-level responses to COVID-19 and future outbreaks could be weaker. We need leaders from all disciplines within the health workforce, especially nurses and midwives to support equitable responses to COVID-19.

Join this virtual event to celebrate emerging and established leaders from the nursing and midwifery profession as they continue to lead on the frontline of this pandemic. Each storyteller will represent a different WHO region in a conversational dialogue that will allow them to articulate the trials and tribulations relating to their experiences as leaders in nursing or midwifery within their own country and in the context of COVID-19.


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