Systemizing the One Health Approach in Preparedness and Response Efforts for Infectious Disease Outbreaks

The National Academies Forum on Microbial Threats organizes a virtual workshop on "Systemizing the One Health Approach in Preparedness and Response Efforts for Infectious Disease Outbreaks" on February 23rd-25th, 2021. 


Organizer: National Academies Forum on Microbial Threats (NASEM Health and Medicine)


Event description: 

This virtual meeting from the National Academies' Forum on Microbial Threats will examine ways to systemize and integrate the One Health approach as part of outbreak prevention, detection, preparedness, and response efforts. The workshop will explore research opportunities, multisectoral, One Health collaboration mechanisms, community engagement strategies, educational opportunities, and policies that can effectively implement the core capacities and interventions of One Health principles to strengthen national health systems and enhance global health security.


Specifically, this workshop will feature invited presentations and discussions on the following topics:

• Strategies to systematize One Health in national prevention, detection, preparedness, and response efforts;

• A review of One Health programs integrated into national and global public health efforts to learn what programs are currently in effect:

• Integration of animal and human health surveillance systems for cross-reporting to better understand pathogens transmitted between animals and people;

• Feasibility of introducing and integrating One Health into existing coordination mechanisms, and into national action plans for health security based on the Joint External Evaluation;

• Strengthening the global health workforce with One Health capacities;

• Policies that underscore the interconnectedness of animal, plant, human, and environmental health;

• Implications of using a One Health approach to improve preparedness vs. a reactionary response that is required to create medical countermeasures after outbreak onset;

• Promising practices for engaging with communities and influencing behaviors that lower the risk of infectious disease infection through the One Health approach;

• The tension between public health needs, the private sector and data sharing within the One Health context in preparedness and response efforts; and

• Potential priority actions to unite organizations – public and private, domestic and international – in efforts to overcome newly discovered hurdles based on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workshop speakers and discussants will contribute perspectives from government, academia, private, and nonprofit sectors.


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