Protecting Health Workers in Conflict Zones

Consortium of Universities for Global Health invites you to their webinar on Protecting Health Workers in Conflict Zones on December 2, 2021 from 7:00 pm (CET).


About the event:

Violence against healthcare workers and facilities are tragically pervasive in modern conflicts. These are targeted attacks designed to ensure that the sick and injured cannot receive the care they need. They are often used to target specific populations and occur at a time of greatest need. Insufficient attention and political action has been devoted to preventing and stopping these attacks. This panel of international experts have been working for decades to stop these gross human rights abuses. They will outline the scope of these atrocities and what could be done to stop them and bring the perpetrators to justice.



  • Leonard Rubenstein, JD, LLMDirector, Program on Human Rights, Health and ConflictJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Public Health and Human Rights
  • Jennifer Welsh, D.PhilDirector, Centre for International Peace and Security Studies (CIPSS), McGill University
  • Zaher Sahloul, MD, President and Cofounder, MedGlobal



  • Dr. Keith MartinExecutive Director, Consortium of Universities for Global Health


To attend the event, please click here.


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