Populism - a re-emerging global health challenge?

As part of the "Nordic Global Health Talks" webinar series, is the University of Tampere organizing a webnar on "Populism - a re-emerging global health challenge?" on March 3rd, 2021. 


Organizer: University of Tampere



This talk begins with Meri Koivusalo’s overview of populism’s influence on public health activities, pandemic control and health promotion. She will discuss broader questions of populism and public health. Lynda Gilby will follow with a discussion on far-right populism, gender, and sexual and reproductive health and rights and work in more detail. Nationalism has been associated with resurgence in far-right populism, which emphasises “traditional family values and gender roles”. Lynda Gilby will focus on global governance, sharing findings from her research on how UN negotiations and high-level meetings, such as on UHC, have continued to be subject to efforts to replace references to SRHR with conservative language emphasising traditional, heteronormative family values and how these efforts have impacted on SRHR text in UN documents.


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