Living with COVID-19: The Japanese Approach

As part of the "Living with COVID-19" webinar series, Chatham House is hosting an event on "The Japanese approach" on December 2nd, 2020. 


Organizer: Chatham House 


Event description: 

The world has entered a new phase of the coronavirus crisis with countries needing to find ways to successfully live with the virus. As the pandemic continues to expand, the economic and societal impact of measures aimed at suppressing it are being increasingly felt. 

Join Professor David Heymann and his special guest, Dr Hitoshi Oshitani, exploring the response to the coronavirus pandemic in Japan. What approach has Japan embraced and why? How successful has bidirectional contact tracing and cluster-busting been in curbing the virus in Japan? And as the likelihood of the virus becoming endemic grows, how can populations learn to ‘co-exist’ with it?



Professor Heymann is a world-leading authority on infectious disease outbreaks. He led the World Health Organization’s response to SARS and has been advising the organization on its response to the coronavirus.

Dr Oshitani is a professor of Virology at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Sendai Japan. Between 1999 and 2005 he was a regional advisor for Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response at the World Health Organization (WHO) Western Pacific Regional Office in Manila in the Philippines. He is a member of the expert panel advising the Japanese government on its COVID-19 response.


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