Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2021: Aspiring towards global justice - a humanitarian imperative?

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Médecins Du Monde, the German Red Cross, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians and Médecins Sans Frontières as well as this year’s partner Oxfam would like to invite you to the second virtual Humanitarian Congress Berlin: Aspiring global justice. A humanitarian imperative? on 18-21 October 2021.


Organiser: Médecins Du Monde, the German Red Cross, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians, Médecins Sans Frontières and Oxfam

Host: Humanitarian Congress Berlin



What we see globally are growing instances of outcry and social movements. In situations of political oppression, economic injustices and state violence humanitarian action seems to hit a wall. The sector is on the brink of navigating its principles and practice in stormy waters.  

Global justice as this year’s topic offers a debate between the realms of humanitarian action and global justice. None of them claims stand-alone solutions, but can complementarity offer a framework to better respond to political, social and economic causes of acute vulnerability and humanitarian need? The HCB 2021 wants to ask how the sector should position itself in light of challenges that transcend sectorial boundaries.  

They will address how humanitarian action responds to protests and social movements - does it hinder or promote social change? They will continue to focus on debating the decolonising of global health with a particular focus on the humanitarian impact of the pandemic and Covid-19 vaccine distribution. Following up from last year’s event they will also deepen our conversations on the humanitarian consequences of the climate crisis and elaborate on how greener humanitarian activities look like. Moreover, they will elaborate how courts take legal action in case of violations of international and human rights law. 


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