How climate change affects the health of migrants and refugees

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The M8 Alliance Webinar Series on Migrant and Refugee Health, is a new format which aims at bringing together experts from across the M8 Alliance to discuss global, develop innovative and collaborative answers and promote science-based policy advice. Each event will last 120 minutes involving several panelists from within the M8 Alliance and beyond.



  • M8 Alliance under the leadership of the Sapienza University of Rome




  • Luciano Saso, Sapienza University of Rome, Coordinator M8 Alliance Webinar Series on Migrant and Refugee Health


moderated by

  • François Gemenne, The Hugo Observatory Department of Geography, University of Liège, Belgium

Intersections between migration, climate change and health: existing research gaps; areas of engagement by Lancet Migration (both research and policy) by

  • Miriam Orcutt, Lancet migration, UK (10’)

A changing environment and the health security of people forced to move by

  • Manuel Carballo, International Centre for Migration, Health and Development (ICMHD) Geneva, Switzerland (10’)

Mobility, social cohesion and health outcomes in transformations to city sustainability by

  • Anita H. Fábos, International Development, Community & Environment (IDCE) Clark University, Worcester, MA, USA (10’)

Links between climate risks, migration, and health outcomes by

  • Robert McLeman, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON, Canada (10’)

The health impacts of internal displacement in the context of climate change and disasters: Key findings from case studies in Ethiopia and Somalia by

  • Louisa Yasukawa, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Norwegian Refugee Council, Geneva, Switzerland (10’)

Climate change, migration and health: interconnected challenges for the 21st century by

  • Alice Baillat, Thematic Specialist, Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division, IOM Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland (10’)



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