Health for Future - The path to living health and good lives

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As part of the planetary health webinar series, the Planetary Health Academy is hosting its third lecture on June 2nd, 2021, on the issue of "Health for Future - The Path to living health and good lives".


Organizer: Planetary Health Academy




“Climate change can be the biggest opportunity for global health.”, the Lancet stated in 2015. How can we create win-win situations for climate mitigation and human health and create a more livable, health and yet sustainable society on Earth? In this lecture we focus on the co-benefits and how we can create environments that foster happy societies and make the healthy choice the easy one.


Martin Hermann
German Climate Change and Health Alliance (KLUG)

Founder and chair of the German Climate Change and Health Alliance – KLUG.  Martin Herrmann has accompanied transformational change processes in global health and commercial contexts for more than 30 years. A doctor by training, he soon started to advise companies and NGOs, creating new concepts for organizational development. Today he teaches at international business schools and universities. He is especially passionate about   linking complexity science and  Hannah Arendt political philosophy to the transformational challenges of our time.


Marilena Berends (she/her)
freelance journalist and editor

As a possibilist, Marilena sees the potentials and scope for action that are available to us to solve the main challenges of our time. In addition to her studies in philosophy and politics, she has been producing the Sinneswandel Podcast since 2017 and works as a freelance journalist and editor. Her main focus is on sustainable transformation, questions of personal self-efficacy and social responsibility.


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