The Gendered Aspects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

As part of the International Affairs Webinar Series, Chatham House is organizing a webinar on "The Gendered Aspects of the Covid-19 Pandemic" on November 27th, 2020. 


Organizer: Chatham House


Event description: 

During global health emergencies the needs and expertise of women and non-binary gender identities are often disregarded. COVID-19 is no different. There has been limited attention paid to the way pandemic response plans disproportionately affect women or to the primary and secondary effects on different individuals and communities, including the long-term consequences for their education, health, income and civic participation.

This webinar will consider these shortcomings and demonstrate how the discipline of international relations can help global health institutions and national governments devise policies and programmes that do not have disproportionate impacts women and other marginalized groups.


Speaker: Clare Wenham (Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy at the London School of Economics & Political Science)


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