AI for Health Conference

Chatham House is hosting a "AI for Health Conference" on March 22nd to March 23rd, 2021. 


Organizer: Chatham House 



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping healthcare practices in myriad ways, facilitating the early detection of acute medical issues, exploiting big data to develop novel diagnostics, and supporting medical personnel with decision-making.

But there are serious questions about how AI may undermine privacy and human rights, and there is a wide gap in access to technology between richer and poorer regions.

The conference will see experts discuss how far AI can reshape the delivery and quality of future healthcare around the globe.


Day One

Session 1: Discussion of the challenges and opportunities of AI in the health sector, featuring a question and answer session with experts, and live polls of event participants.

Session 2: Three speakers from different regions share their top priorities for AI, including how AI can help deliver universal health coverage in low-income settings.


Day Two

Session 1: An interactive discussion of the previous day’s findings, including a question and answer session with speakers and participants from the January and February roundtables.

Session 2: A showcase involving start-ups, universities and companies highlighting current uses of AI in global health.


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