Overview: Working Groups

The GHHG currently has 15 Working Groups on different topics. Working Groups are open to all Hub members who express interest in connecting with other actors and sharing knowledge on specific global health topics.


These are our current working groups:


Global Mental Health

Global Urban Health

Neglected Tropical Diseases - Outbreak, Wanring and Response

Vernachlässigte und armutsassoziierte Tropenkrankheiten

Implementation of the Global Digital Health Agenda

Global Women's Health

Univerisal Health Coverage Through Digital Technology

Durch klinische Umweltmedizin erkennbare Ursachen chronischer Krankheiten - Entwicklung von Prävention und individueller Therapie


Werte-Dimensionen der Globalen Gesundheit

Antimikrobielle Resistenzen (AMR)

Partnerships for Global Health

Global Child Health

Klimawandel und Gesundheit


You are interested in our working groups and want to become a member? Then register on this website and/or send us an email to info@globalhealthhub.de.


If you are already registered in the Collaboration Space, click here: COLLABORATION SPACE.