Book publication: A guide to global health diplomacy: better health – improved global solidarity – more equity

In August 2021, Ilona Kickbusch, Haik Nikogosian, Michel Kazatchkine and Milhály Kökény have published A guide to global health diplomacy - Better health - improved global solidarity - more equity. 


More about the guide:

A special focus of this Guide lies on the World Health Organization and negotiations in the Geneva global health “ecosystem”. In view of the many relevant actors, processes and institutions that continuously interface with the health sphere, the Guide argues that health diplomats need to consider carefully the larger ecosystem within which they negotiate – also at the national level, including the various ministries and groups that are stakeholders. To reinforce this message, the authors have included a number of text boxes describing other organizations and the negotiation processes they follow. 

The present publication is intended to provide an entry point for readers wishing to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of global health diplomacy and the various approaches in-volved. The authors hope that it will be useful for those preparing to work in this area for the first time, and that it will motivate them to undertake further studies and, above all, to acquire further practical experience. Those already engaged in global health diplomacy should find some useful indications for their work in this Guide. They further hope that it will be used as a support tool in the teaching of global health diplomacy at both national and international institutions.


To learn more about global health diplomacy, you can find the whole publication here.


Full citation: Ilona Kickbusch &, Haik Nikogosian &, Michel Kazatchkine &, Mihály Kökény (February 2021). "A guide to global health diplomacy: Better health – improved global solidarity – more equity." Global Health Centre. Switzerland: Geneva. Online available:



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