Future panel - how to prevent the next pandemic?



Four Paws International invites you to their online expert panel discussion How to prevent the next pandemic on October, 20th at 5 pm (CET). 


About the event

For years, scientists all over the world have warned us that the way in which we treat animals and nature is a serious risk factor in the outbreak of zoonotic diseases. The COVID-19 crisis was not produced by an extraterrestrial force, it is anthropogenic, just like climate change is. COVID-19, SARS, MERS, Ebola, BSE and HIV – they all originated from a dysfunctional relationship between humans, animals, and nature. Zoonosis is a dangerous symptom of the crisis because it shows how quickly human-induced habitat destruction can strike back. But it also shows that humans, animals and nature are indivisibly linked.

Along with an independent research institute FOUR PAWS conducted a Future Study. In the study, renowned international experts from various scientific disciplines were interviewed about three possible post-COVID-19 future scenarios. The results will be presented to an expert audience from science, politics, the media and the general public.

At the moderated panel, international experts will discuss the core theses and results of the Future Study and give their input on what steps are needed to prevent the next pandemic.We are eager to discuss path dependencies, interactions and forecasts in the fields of agriculture, climate, animal welfare and global health. Along with the Future Study, the panel discussion aims to help create a better understanding of how our relationship with animals and nature must change – and support decision-makers in leading the way into a sustainable future.  


About the Future Study

For the Future Study, interviews were conducted with 29 renowned international experts from disciplines such as virology, human health, veterinary medicine, agriculture, climate research, economics, law and social sciences in qualitative research. The experts include Syra Madad, Kurt Schmidinger, Renzo Guinto, Mia MacDonald and others.


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